How do you get T-mobile to honor "grace period"

  • 2 December 2021
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T-Mobile DOES NOT WORK IN MY AREA in Colorado – DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THEY TELL YOU! I don’t want anyone else to have to go thru what is happening to me.

I have never in my life dealt with such an underhanded company, employees and supervisors. Everyone passes the “concern” to someone else and apparently “no one” has the authority to make it right.

Two of the Techs I’ve spoken with told me straight out: You’re right, we don’t have a tower near there and won’t until approx the 2nd quarter of 2022. So no, you don’t have service unless you use wifi calling. *this is very shortened version of my experience over the past 2 months

1. B4 transferring my account from Sprint called the T-mobile store and specifically asked them about our area’s coverage – Store manager assured me it was. Again at the store I asked Store Manager about our area’s coverage again as it hasn’t been working well since the Sprint/T-mobile merger. He again assured me there was coverage at my home and showed me the map proving it. * my bad for believing him

2. Offered trade in of my personal phone for monthly credit – they lost it and won’t credit my account.

3. Offered brand new S21 that would be FREE with the trade-in amount offer of my old phone.

a. The brand new phone had issues so had to do warranty exchange (twice now) a warranty exchange only gives you a “used/refurbished phone (company policy); but you will still owe the full amount of a brand new phone.

4. I was personally assured by store manager that if service didn’t work I could bring the phone back and find diff cell provider that would work here. I called as service didn’t work except sometimes with Wifi callng – was told they’d hold my trade-in phone so I could pick it up (well within the 14 day grace period (they call it “buyer’s remorse”) 2 days later called back before driving to Springs to make sure my old phone was ready (still within the grace period). Store manager said they didn’t hold the trade-in phone, couldn’t find it and that they couldn’t cancel my service but would call District Manager and see what could be done. Never heard back from him – turns out he was promoted to District Manager (imagine that).

5. No return calls – they refuse to supply any company/supervisor phone numbers, emails or local addresses. I have spent untold hours on phone trying to get someone to make this right; all customer service reps say: “we’ll do our best to help you and we understand that so many are financially strained right now, but this is all we can offer”

6. They refuse to cancel the contract and insist that if I don’t stay with them, I have to pay the full purchase price on the so-called FREE phones.

a. OR I could just pay them $20 a month to them to keep account open and they’d unlock the phones so I can go to another service provider and pay the other company for cell service as well in addition to T-mobiles monthly fee.

b. THEN I could come back to them when they get a tower in this area (but that offer is only good for 180 days and there won’t be a tower here in that time) So would have to go back to them anyway or pay the full price of these phones.

I am out over $600 for the 2 phones I traded in – no way to cancel the contract or take my phone numbers anywhere else without paying the full price for brand new phones that are now used/refurbished phones at a cost of over $1,600 (plus the $145 in taxes), or continue to try to fight this injustice AND buy 2 more phones to go to diff cell service provider that will work here.

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