How long does it to take for refund to process

  • 15 May 2019
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I cancelled my t-mobile service in March, and it is May 14, and I have still not received my credit balance.

Everytime I call, I get different and varied answers, but my credit balance is not getting refunded.

Almost feels like borderline fraud, as no idea why a valid credit balance takes this long to process.

I was an 18year old customer, and had an habit of prepaying for about 6 months of my bill.

In hindsight it sounds stupid, but I thought I was going to be a forever T-mobile customer.

And now 3 months since account cancelled, and I am still waiting for my refund to process. 


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They say 2 billing cycles to be safe but it's usually sooner.

It was a postpaid account.

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Is it a post paid or prepaid account?

Post paid plans don't prorate your final bill so if you paid extra funds in advance it may take up to two

billing cycles.

if it's a prepaid plan the plans aren't refundable.

T-Mobile Terms and Conditions

Prepaid Service is non-refundable (even if returned during the Cancellation Period), and no refunds or other compensation will be given for unused airtime balances, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or coupons. You will not have access to detailed usage records or receive monthly bills. Coverage specific to our prepaid Service may be found at and differs from coverage related to our postpaid Service.