How many reps does it take to tell me whether I ordered a phone? (Very Long Rant)

  • 11 June 2021
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This phone upgrade has been a nightmare. I’ve read plenty of horror stories about T-Mobile and I've never had a problem…. until now. I ordered a phone for my wifes birthday and received it on 5/18. The phone came and everything was good until I gave it to her a few weeks later (6/5) only to find that the phone was DOA. The fact that I waited and gave her the phone for her birthday was entirely on me. Things happen so I am not upset about the phone being DOA as much as the 4 (as of today 5) representatives inability to perform the simplest of tasks concerning this issue over the last 5 days.


Here’s how the situation has gone. I called T-Mobile on 6/5, which was the day the defective phone was unboxed for the first time. I explained to the first rep that the phone would not charge or boot/turn on. We spent approximately 15-20 minutes trying to determine our options to resolve this issue. Before the call was done, I was told that he had ordered a new phone for me and that I needed to return this one under “buyer’s remorse”. My concern with this is that “buyers remorse” and DOA are 2 totally different things. What happens when I return it and it doesn’t work- do I get blamed for the problem and charged for the defective phone? After thinking about how many ways this particular return could go sideways or even cost me money, I decided to chat with a 2nd rep since I was also told by the 1st rep that I would receive another EIP contract which never came for the newly ordered phone. I explained the conversation with the 1st rep and asked if a phone had been ordered since I never received EIP info for the new phone. She asked me to hold a few minutes to get info and then I bailed from the chat after waiting 40 minutes or so for her to come back, which she never did. I decided that I was too annoyed to continue trying to straighten this out and didn’t want to take it out on a 3rd rep so I waited until the next day before making contact with cust svc again. Sometime that next morning before calling the 3rd rep, I received a voicemail from the 2nd rep that disappeared from chat. She stated in the voicemail that a phone had been ordered but it was backordered and would be sent when available, which the 1st rep never mentioned. I had no desire to backorder a phone that would show up who knows when and would have considered other options had I known the phone would need to be backordered. I called rep #3 and again asked if a phone was ordered and he responded that there wasn’t a phone showing to have been ordered on my account. I explained that I was told by 2 different reps that a phone was ordered. This rep told me that it wasn’t ordered because the 128g version was no longer available but that he could order the same color and model of phone with less memory. I told him not to place an order since I needed the larger amount of memory. Because I am a glutton for punishment and the fact that I've now been told that an order HAD NOT been placed, I decided to call back the next day and talk to rep #4. This rep told me that a phone had been ordered but that they haven’t received it yet, which makes sense if dealing with a backorder. I asked him just to cancel the order since I no longer wanted the phone. He insisted that the order was cancelled after I asked several times- this was 3 days ago. Finally, the phone order was cancelled and I will just deal with Apple to get this phone fixed under warranty since T-Mobile reps can’t even agree about the status of an order so I have little faith in a return at this point.


Everything was good until today, when I received a call from T-Mobile from a nice lady who was apparently calling for no reason other than to ask some customer satisfaction questions since I have recently added more services. I mentioned this phone fiasco and she was very apologetic about the situation. I asked her to please check that the last rep (#4) had cancelled the order. Guess what, not only was the order not cancelled, it’s now in shipping and can’t be cancelled according to the lady that I will now call rep #5.

WTF T-MOBILE? How many damn times will I need to call or chat to fix this problem or the next problem before it will be resolved? I will never attempt to purchase another phone from T-Mobile after this ridiculous comedy of errors. I will just buy it outright from Apple and I’m now real sorry that I didn’t do it this time around. Fool me once…

I pray that I never have another problem with T-Mobile because this issue has made it obvious that it will be far easier and less painful to cancel all my services than to attempt to resolve a problem. If the reps can’t even agree about the status of an order or perform a simple order cancellation, how can you possibly fix a service problem or billing error? This is unacceptable.

3 replies


T-Mobile is owned by the Germans and Japanese. They are getting payback against us Americans for that embarrassment we caused them back in the 1940’s… They are purposefully causing us mental anguish…




Another day, another fail.


Long story very short is that I was given a useless order number by rep #6 last night. The order number was valid but was for the RETURN of my defective phone and the tracking doesn’t show because I never sent the phone back. Because of the chronic problems I've had with getting answers from T-Mobile, I sent the phone to Apple to be repaired which was mentioned to 3 of the 6 reps. To date, I still don’t know if a phone was ever ordered nor can I determine if it was cancelled as requested. If I am lucky, there was no phone ordered or there is a phone waiting to be shipped once they receive my return, which will be never, and my problem just solved itself. Unfortunately, if they lack the ability to answer my questions, I’m convinced they will find a way to make sure this isn’t over.


I really don’t know what is going on at T-Mobile but after dealing with 6 reps in as many days and still having no answers to 2 very simple questions, I won’t be wasting any further time with this lost cause. 





Well, let’s see if T-Force comes thru.

I at least was able to finally get the order number for this phone after a Facebook chat. I’ve been told that once a tracking number is processed for this order that should have been cancelled, they will attempt to contact UPS and have the package diverted back to T-Mobile before I ever receive it. This would at least keep me from having to jump through hoops and potentially opening me up to more failures. I sure hope this goes smoothly and as expected.

I will post back when I determine whether this was fact or fiction.