How Much "Bloatware" With the Samsung S21 5G

  • 22 February 2021
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I’m considering whether to purchase a new Samsung S21 5G from T-Mobile or from Samsung, unlocked.

Big props to syaoran for providing a terrific explanation of the technical merits distinguishing the T-Mo and the unlocked versions of the S21 5G in this thread.

One of the considerations for the T-Mo version of this phone is how much “bloatware” T-Mo adds to the phone. I realize that different people have different feelings about what is and is not considered bloatware, and I’m certainly not looking to start an argument. But I would like to ask how much extra software T-Mo adds, how worthy you feel it is, and how much of it can be uninstalled.

1 reply


FWIW, I saw the S21 5G in a T-Mobile store. From what I could see, T-Mobile added little to the phone:


T-Mobile app

T-Mobile Tuesdays

T-Mobile Play

Visual Voicemail