How to Activate Google Play TMobile Billing Online

  • 6 October 2017
  • 28 replies

I've navigated all over this website and I still cannot find a way to activate the tmobile billing option for Google play for my daughter's number. Can someone please provide me with the link?

28 replies


How do I  Activate Google Play TMobile Billing Online? I currently have it set up with my phone # but this is a stand alone device that has no phone number attached, only my gmail address

Hello, I'm having this same issue as well. Except when I try to choose charge to my T-Mobile account, it says, "not eligible". I used to be able to charge Google Play Store subscriptions to my account but suddenly I am no longer able to and without explanation.


Thank you

Did you ever get it figured out? Having same issue.

Thank you

If I use t mobile billing does the money affect the bill or do I eventually have to pay it off with my card through Google play?