How to automatically delete blocked messages

  • 26 November 2021
  • 1 reply


Hello, Is there anyway to have blocked text messages automatically delete from the folder? I have a Samsung. I don’t want to see the messages that go to that folder and I have to go to that folder to delete them. I want them to go away automatically.

1 reply


Oh my goodness! I am so frustrated with the stupid blocking txt thing! Like what is the point of having the ability to block people on your phone when we can still read and reply to their messages??? This makes no sense to me?! If I want to block contact with someone namely my very manipulative narcissist ex bf...there should not be the ability to see his stupid messages still! Blocked should be just that blocked! Not muted and tossed into a very easily accessible separate folder. 

Whoever thought to make phones able to block yet still see and reply back is retardo!