How to check refund debit card balance

  • 7 April 2020
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I got a refund debit card a while back and just found it again. i do not know how much money is on it anymore. How can i check the balance?


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9 replies

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You should be able to check the balance by texting BAL to 7283 (RBTE).

I no longer have a plan through T-mobile. when i canceled my plan i was sent a refund on a debit card. How can i check the balance of that card?

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That's interesting. Can you check the card to see if there's any other short code or 800 number you can call for the balance?

I got into the same situation to check Promo Master card balance (i got when i switched to TM), based on the latest comments, i wanted to add my findings. Not sure if this still Open question, though..We can check online for Switch2tmobile site, but you got refund different way, so may be you can call here. Help:877-311-8853

I misplaced my Mastercard gift card for $540 I got for a rebate promo a while back and forgotten about it. I thought I set it up for payment, but only my credit card was debited. I recently found the card numbers that I had wrote down. I tried to pay my Tmobile bill, but it’s expired.

Can anyone help me how I can get m card replaced?

I would like to see the listing of the purchases on my promotional card.

I would like to see the listing of the purchases on my promotional card.

I would like to see the listing of the purchases on my promotional card.


I just did this and it worked.  I went to Mastercard’s website, and I found an 800 number.  I dialed it and I punched in the card number.  It sent me to another automated center.  They asked for the card number again, and then confirmed with my zip code, and they gave me my balance -- even told me what I last charged on the card.

1-800-MASTERCARD (1-800-627-8372)  

I am very sure you need to call your card service provider, if you dont know you can call Master card and ask for your card service provider, I just called MS 1-800-MASTERCARD (1-800-627-8372) above by

so thank you, and found out that my card provider is Sunrise Bank and their phone number is 651-265-5600 you need the full card number to be serviced.


Good luck