How to get Fixed Equipment Installment Plan promotion permanently ?

  • 9 May 2022
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I bought a phone last year during Thanksgiving season on EIP under a promotion, since then I am having trouble getting the promotion applied automatically. I have to call after every billing cycle and the rep adjusts the promotion and repeatedly confirms that it has been taken care forever and It will appear correctly on my bills going forward . However seems like their system is either broken or they are NOT doing it right and I end up wasting my time over the phone with reps again and again. It is a chronic issue that I want T-Mobile address as I want to respect their and my time. I have no issue with service or the customer service reps as they are nice, courteous and acknowledge the issue evetime I call them. however, It is six billing cycles  and I have wasted over 7 hours of my time and 7 hours of T-Mobile’s time. that itself is more than the cost of the phone. Can someone at T-Mobile fix the issue?

1 reply


Any Response on this?  rej@t-mobile