HOW to get rid of WEB GUARD completely. its wasting my time.


I have only had the home internet for a month, trying before switching my old isp off. I have gone in and made sure that web guard filtering is off but i continually get random messages that sites are blocked by web guard.  I go in and check and its turned off.  1 device in chrome it will allow another it won’t.  I have tried the https in front and it appears to work. If I were to continue to keep this service which is more costly than my other isp, is this going to be the norm.  ????

If I would have known about issues like this I wouldn’t be interested.  I hope anyone looking at home internet from tmobile sees the issues and thinks twice.  I still have my old isp and may give up on tmobile pretty quick.  I don’t want to have to change settings constantly.

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