How to reach T-Force ?

Hi all,

I know it sounds dumb, as good as I am with technology, mobile phones, etc, the famous reach T-Force through Facebook does not mean a lot to me...

To me, Facebook is personal page or business pages. Does that mean I need to follow T-Mobile official Facebook page, and then, try Messenger to speak with them ?

I am very very confuse here...



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You don't need to follow Tmobile on Facebook to messenger them.

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Just find "T-Mobile Help" and then message them.

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Through either Facebook or Twitter, just in case anyone only has one or the other. 

So, on Facebook, I reached the T-Mobile page, and then I am doing a message on Messenger to this account ? Is it the way to reach the T-Force ?

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Use the Facebook icon in this link.


Where do I start?

I have been having an issue with my Iphone XR for going on 4 months now. It has never been near water, never dropped and you can eat off the phone!

After changing from Verizon who I was with for 30 years,I have spoken to 5 team mobile reps and 4 supervisors….. not count a multitude of T- Mobile technical reps. After T-Mobile changing the SIM card and reseting the system, noone could figure out why my signal was so weak….. especially getting one bar at home and when using in the car. Broken conversations as well as the phone occasionally not ringing especiall from people in my contact list….A replacement phone was sent to the store where I previously purchased my iphone but after finding out it was refurbished ( which I refused since i purchased a new iphone from t mobile ) it was decided that then a T Mobile signal booster would be the best and final solution. I was asked to pick it up at a T mobile store last Weds 7/22 to avoid the $29.00 fee and after the T-mobile rep checked out and confirmed where it was avaliable for pick up near me, I proceeded to leave work early and pick up the unit. After driving 45 minutes and arriving to the T- mobile Scoth Plains NJ store, I was advised that it was never in stock!  MORE IMPORTANTLY WAS THAT THE T- MOBILE STORE REP WAS NOT WEARING A COVID MASK AND DID NOT HAVE ONE ON HER BODY.!!!!  As a representative of your company, this is uncalled for especiallly when a NJ mandate on manditory face mask protection for all be retail placed!  This store clerk tried to get closer to me in conversation as I kept backing away. AS A REPRESTATIVE OF YOUR COMPANY THIS SHOULD BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY…. I HAVE HAD OPEN HEART SURGERY RECENTLY AND AM AT “HIGH RISK “ TO DEAL WITH THINGS LIKE THIS!!!  Right now I am  honestly debating to write on social media and tell the world of how T-Mobile treats it’s customers during a pandemic!

Being then was told to go to another store which this person swore has the unit I needed, I drove 15 miles to only be told they did not have and was referred to a 3ed store which also did not have in inventory.

This all after using ¼ tank of gas, spending over 2 hours in COVID conditions and driving like an idiot in a pandemic to just get my phone to work.!!

Needless to say, I was livid!

The following day I called T-Mobile I was given a 3 month credit by the supervisor for the occurance  & inconvinience and promised a  free signal booster delivered  overnite to my home which obviously never came!

Called a t-mobile rep and superviosr today ( Monday 7/27/2020 ) only to be told that they do not see anything ordered for me ( which was promised to me last Thursday 7/23 ) and it would cost me $29.00 deposit to have it issued to me but I must return back to T-mobile.


I hope this email hits T-Force as this is my last resort before social media hears my story….. I expect better service from your company, only to get broken promises and the run around. I also believe that my faulty XR phone should be exchanged for a better model as a IPHONE MAX PRO at your charge for the 4 month inconvinience experienced by your company…..


Unhappy customer 

Steve Nahorniak


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If you’re using the link for the correct answer Tmobile changed it. Looks like they removed the Facebook and Twitter link off the contact us page.

So this is a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation so you will want to directly go to Facebook to messenger them.

Can an esim be transferred back to the original sim? People are calling me and the phone doesn’t ring and goes straight to voicemail. I can call them just fine

I need help with new account. I was a sprint client that signed up for t-mobile. 


* At time of signing contract for being sprint customer I was offered free phones (free) with 24 month contract. The phones applied to each person on existing account transferred to new t-mobile account.  After the first billing the phones are now being charged. I went to t-mobile store (corporate) and discussed this and they stated the store I signed up at was with and independent contractor and couldn't help us. I went back to the original store and was told the assistant manager that helped us no longer works there and would need proof of the promotion.  This is on file with the original contract. We asked for a manager and was told one is not available and told us that we can call corporate to resolve (which we did and couldn't help) or leave our contact information and assured me a return phone call the next business day. That was a week ago. The store phone number goes directly to a voice-mail stating the voice-mail box is full. 

* second issue. I ordered the t-mobile internet to escape from Comcast.  However, based upon my location the wifi signal is to weak to support.  So, I contacted support and they sent me a return label. I sent the server back with the label by ups. I confirmed the package was received in Texas with the tracking number. I keep receiving notification that I must return the server or I will be charged.  We confirmed with another local corporate store we returned it and still receiving text messages to have it returned. 

* Third issue. When I got the new contract with t-mobile I was denied the employer discount. I started a new job and found out two weeks afterwards that one was available. I was told that I would need to cancel the current plan and have it applied towards the new one but that I would be charged the full cost of two phones for canceling promotion  that I signed for. 

I'm in desperate need to speak with someone that can actually help. I was a sprint customer for over 12yrs and not one had any of these problems with phone, service,  billing or discounts.  

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you will need to contact TMO either by call or by Facebook or Twitter...calling in will land you with tier 1 support where FB/Twitter starts you with tier 2 support.


the site here is primarily peer to peer with a handful of moderators to keep the site in order only..they do not have account access.

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> “ … contact TMO either by call or by Facebook or Twitter...calling in will land you with tier 1 support where FB/Twitter starts you with tier 2 support.”


That is flat-out DISCRIMINATION.  Plenty of customers don’t do FB or Twitter, for very sensible reasons.


FIX IT.  Get some accessible path set up already.


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oh let me jump right on that..since you passed up on including the final part of my post then you probably missed me mentioning the site here is primarily “peer to peer”



discrimination? lol not exactly seeing how since they are just other ways to get in contact with them other than calling in..use the other methods or dont.. or you can call in or try to use the chat feature when its available..