How to reach T-Mobile customer service directly in Charleston (no offshore/Philippines)

  • 3 March 2021
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I keep getting routed to the offshore customer service in the Philippines even when I call during day time, I had numerous poor and bad customer service service received from them. Sometimes you have to repeat numbers about three times until they get it right. 

It’s extremely frustrating to deal with them , is there a direct number to reach T-Mobile customer service in the USA ??

7 replies

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any suggestions ??


I feel for you.  I have been trying to have a number ported to T Mobile and I get the Philippines each time and even asked for a USA English American to speak with and was told their are none. You would think as much money as T Mobile makes they could hire in the USA.  I am from Law Enforcement, think of this “how many telephone numbers can the Filipino sell on the black market”?

And the irony of it is, they have the entire list of T Mobile numbers.  Now you know why you get all the scam calls!

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Are you a prepaid plan? Prepaid plans are sent to the Philippines

You can try using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media accounts..


Yes I am a prepaid!  I guess this is why the sub-standard support?  I tried messenger and I get routed with a reply again to a Non-American.  I am pre-paid with no card on file to avoid the other problems that are reported on this site. Overbilling, plan changes, other things to avoid.

I had the amazing pleasure of getting through to the Charleston call center after FOUR MONTHS of trying to get my problem resolved by "my team of experts" at various offshore locations.  It was a random fluke that I got through to them, but my four month old problem (which already cost me at least 9 hours of talking and chatting with T-mo) was completely understood by the lady who helped me, and she forwarded me to Michael (A manager at that location), who got to the root of my problem and fixed it within minutes.  And he promised to personally monitor the situation for the next two billing cycles to make sure it worked.  I swear, if it wasn't for that call center, I would have a different carrier right now.  

I actually called back with a follow-up question but got routed offshore.  That person wouldn't forward my call to anyone in Charleston, even though I literally begged her to.  Because she was "sure" she could put a smile on my face today.   Gimme a freakin break.  I hung up and kept calling until I landed in Charleston by chance again.  Which is really my only suggestion for anyone who wants to reduce your frustration and the time it takes to resolve your situation. 

I am and have been a subscriber for more than 6 years. I have been able to get a Customer Service Rep in Charleston ONLY ONCE since August of this year. Only ONE in more than 50 attempts. I have asked to be transferred to a US call center at least half the time and am always transferred back into the call queue and then answered again by a Phiippine call rep. Also, the quality of service from T-mobile has essentially collapsed since June of this year. Too many issues to list here. Quality of customer service was fine before and during Covid, and I believe the fake news that ‘no one wants to work in the US’ is BS. 

Well I have a message for all ladies!  My boyfriend of 30 years contacted Sprint / T Mobile and the little Philippina gave him her personal phone number!!!!!  They have been talking for a year now without me knowing since I worked nights.  I only found out when he took a trip to the Philippines to meet herI 

I have reported this multiple times to TMobile supervisors but not one has called me back.

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