how to rename connected devices?

  • 31 December 2020
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Is there a way to rename the devices that are connected to my 4g LTE home wifi? I'd like to know my playstation from my phone or tv so I know which to disconnect.

6 replies

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would like an update on this as well.  Renaming devices should be SOP.  Shouldnt have to memorize mac addresses so i know what is connected to my network

I also want this. 


I asked TMobile about this. The reply was at this time there isn’t a way. Just a suggestion…. I went through and unplugged all 14 devices then one at a time plugged them back in all the while writing down ip address and putting name to address. It wasn’t that time consuming and while not the best solution at least I have the paper with the devices labeled.

We all need to petition T-mobile to make the option available to their Wifi home internet Gateway . This option is available on a lot of other modems lets let T-mobile know how unhappy there customers are and that they are very disappointed with not having this feature . I know it wouldn't be hard to install this feature with an update to their Gateway .👌🏾👌🏾😁😁😁

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you could always contact the manufacturer and ask them if there is a way to do this or not..TMO might use their equipment however they did not build or create it.. probably better to go direct to the source.

Yes but they install the program or the UI  to make the gate way run