How to try out my new flipphone with SIM from my old one?

  • 18 February 2022
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I have my wife’s  SONIM XP3 working  on a current valid t-mobile account,

T-mobile just sent me a new Actel GoFlip (to replace MY old Sprint flipphone which they say will stop working on the network soon.)

The new phone comes with it’s own SIM and I could activate it the ordinary way, but as soon as I do my old Sprint phone , which I love, would stop working. immediately, and likely could never be reactivated. (I DO understand I COULD just do an ordinary activation of the new phone on my own account and have 14 days to return it if I don’t like it, but as I said that would burn my bridge back to my current working old Sprint phone… which as far as I can tell will likely keep working for at least two more months despite t-mobile’s dire warnings.)

So I want to try out that new Actel phone before committing.

So I am thinking of this: I’ll take my wife’s SONIM  SIM and put it into the Actel. Seem to me its possible, since the Actel is a t-mobile phone, that would move my wife’s phone number and all into the Actel.  And I could try it for a week or so…. see if I can live with that new phone BEFORE burning my bridge.  

Will that work? Any harm in trying?

Any other ideas?



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