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  • 30 July 2019
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I am not a subscriber yet, but am trying to shop for phones to possibly switch from Verizon.  However, on 4 different devices, I cannot get my cart to load on the t-mobile website.  I've tried 4 different browsers (IE, Chrome, Edge, Edge Chromium), and the cart just sticks at the spinning pink circle after I pick a device.


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5 replies

Also, I should note that I have disabled all ad blockers and started with a fresh browser, even on my mobile device... the pink circle spins on.

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It loads fine for me in Brave on my OnePlus 7 Pro.  I haven't tried any other browser but I haven't disabled the ad blocking either. 

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Hey there! I just checked our known issues and we have seen some reports of this happening. We are currently working on a fix but do not have an ETR at this moment. I know it is not ideal but if you have a store near you, you can go and check out the phones and get pricing information there as well while we work on the site issues.

Great! About two hours after I posted this, it started working, hahaha, but it DOES seem to be intermittent.

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I'm so sorry it is being finicky. Glad to hear it started working for you though!