Husband died and the plan set up by T-Mobile's deceased customer team no longer being honored after 9 months

  • 12 June 2024
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My husband passed away in April 2023.  He was over 55 and I am under 55.  My husband and I were on his Magenta55+ plan under his name.  After he passed, I went into a T-mobile store to get the account transferred, and they put me in touch with the remote team that handles deceased customer accounts. I waited a couple of months for the deceased customer team to call me back (I had to make an appointment with them for the date and time for the call, and they missed it by about a week).  At that point they let me know that since the account was in his name that they would need to create a new account for me using my SSN and birthday for the credit check, but that I would keep the Magenta55 plan even though I wasn’t 55 yet. This was great because  it meant that I didn’t need to switch services and I didn’t need to pay more just because my died and left my with a diminished household income.

Fast forward 9 billing months later, and customer service is telling me that they can no longer honor the plan because of my age and that I need to be on a different plan that costs $20 more per month.  They want me to go from paying $96.50 to $116.50.   

The CSR that I spoke with had the gall to tell me that when her dad died she had to start paying her own cell phone bill (she repeated this in different ways several times and with other anecdotal personal stories about how she has to pay more money all the time, especially because she’s a single mother). I (politely) let her go on with her stories, but after the third time or so of her comparing the loss of my husband and T-mobile’s reneging on the plan to the loss of her father and no longer being a dependent, I finally told her to please stop and that it was highly unprofessional.  She doesn’t need to tell me her life story to get my to empathize with her to justify the dishonorable actions of her employer. I know T-mobile keeps call records - they can look the call up and hear that for themselves. What it all boiled down to was that the CSR kept telling me that the deceased customer team had made a mistake and it needed to be rectified by me paying more than I would have had my husband still been alive. So not only was T-mobile not keeping their word given to me by the team that they literally have empowered to do so, but I was also being told by their representative that I was lucky to have had a discounted rate for so long. 

So to recap, my husband died and left me a single income widow that’s been with T-mobile/Sprint for about 20 years, and T-mobile’s response was to increase my payments after telling me they wouldn’t. SHAME ON YOU, T-MOBILE. Shame!  

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