I am so angry and confused and can't find any help on the website.

  • 15 September 2021
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T Mobile has screwed me from the get go and I haven’t had any luck, either online or in the store, for getting help or things done. First they put me on Magenta Plus when all I wanted was Magenta. Okay. I thought via the chat line (which I can’t find now) I resolved numerous problems. Nope, nothings been changed. My bill was way to high and I thought we had dealt with that issue. Now I get a notice that the bill has DOUBLED and I have no idea why. The first bill isn’t even due yet so how can I owe double the amount I’m supposed to pay? Things Monica (my chat support person) told me were taken care of and changed have not been changed. I tried to change my plan ,myself but cannot change it From Magenta Plus to simply Magenta. I’m so very frustrated and just want to chuck the whole deal and go to another service. I haven’t even been with T Mobile for a month and I hate it. I heard such good things about the company but it’s a terrible one for me. I can’t call the support number because I’m hearing impaired and cannot use voice, only text. Any advice?

2 replies

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Try contacting tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms. They are a higher tier of support.

There's a link below this post for connect with Tmobile and the social media icons will direct you.

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if the online assistance you tried was through chat only then i recommend contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter..higher tier support and their success rates are pretty high up there compared to the other routes