I am (was?) grandfathered under Jump! 1.0...seeking help determining whether or not t-mobile has taken that away from me


I have been a t-mobile customer since December 2008 (and the G1). I believe it was sometime in 2013 when my friend's boyfriend (who was a t-mobile employee at the time) convinced me to upgrade to a new phone (Galaxy S4) & join the brand-new jump program that they'd just rolled out. Over the years, I've continued to keep/be grandfathered under the terms of my original jump insurance plan (2 upgrades/year, only required to make 6 EIP payments (NOT required to pay off half the cost of the device) before becoming eligible to upgrade). My account hasn't been suspended, and I haven't willingly changed anything related to my device coverage, but t-mobile now charges me $16/mo and has my coverage listed as "Protection360"...I understand that you guys have updated things and that things change over time, and I can accept* the fact that you've increased the monthly price of my coverage, but nowhere on my line do I see anything making any mention of jump 1.0 or anything other than Protection360. On the second line on my account, jump 2.0 is very clearly detailed in addition to the Protection360 that you've transitioned/evolved my coverage into. This greatly concerns me, because literally THE ONLY REASON that I've paid you [I don't even want to know how many] hundreds of dollars over the last 3+ years for coverage was because doing so allowed me to continue to be grandfathered under the jump program terms which I originally enrolled; if it weren't for that, I'd have cancelled my coverage with you and elected to be covered buy a third-party instead. So the fact that until sometime recently, I'd always been able to see something assuring me that I was still bound to those terms, but now I see nothing making any mention of it at all makes me unbelievably uneasy. It would really help if someone could tell me exactly who or which department can help me figure out what has happened to me and the current coverage/enrollment status of my line on my account specifically; if any employees on here are able to help me figure things out, please feel free to PM me your contact information or let me know who/where I can go for this information, along with where/how I can contact them. Thank you in advance for any genuinely useful assistance/information that anyone is able to provide me with regarding did matter.


*simply because I have been told several times that I have no choice but to accept changes like this if I want to keep the original jump terms I enrolled under, that DOES NOT mean that I am happy about it or that I agree with it in any way whatsoever.

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