I can't access My T-mobile

  • 15 January 2019
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I log in with T-mobile ID successfully, verify account security check in order to access my account but after that I don't find any information about my account in My T-mobile - my profile, my account home and so on. Also I can't access to T-mobile app. I addressed a the same request to support by phone on 07.01.19. Please, help me to access to My T-mobile with full information and T-mobile app


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24 replies

I can not log in to T-mobile at all

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Is this just the app, or are you having trouble on on a computer? Also, let us know what error you're getting, if any.

Me too. For months.

I get

"! We are currently having trouble with your request.Please wait a few minutes and try again."

This is on my PC. I also can not get in through the app on my phone. I am on a legacy plan.

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Is this happening when you're logging in or when you're trying to make a change on your account?

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Hey there, @magenta7481240 and @magenta7367143​!

We had some major updates happen last week to our app and MyT-Mobile site that should've made the prepaid experience so much better along with improving the postpaid side. Can you try testing it out again and let us know if you're still seeing issues?

Followup to my post from several days ago.

Yes, I can now log into my account.

Thank you Amanda.

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Awesome! Thanks for the update 😊

Now when logging in

I am redirected to


tried browsers Chrome and Firefox.

IE does not load  at all.

Please fix, it's annoying.

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Thank you for making us aware, @magenta7535017​. Does it make any difference if you use this link to log in? Do you see the same error?

Dear Amanda,

Still same issue. When I try to get to the link you provided I keep

redirecting to

пн, 28 янв. 2019 г. в 18:43, tmo_amanda <>:

T-Mobile Support

I can't access My T-mobile

reply from tmo_amanda


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I'm a new TMO prepaid customer (trying it out before switching from AT&T). The TMO app on ios won't let me log in - either of my two phones. It offers instead. It's been several days now. It says "Sorry we're not ready for you yet. We're working on improving your app experience." What gives?

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Thanks for the reply, @magenta7535017​! Our teams have determined a work around until a permanent solution is in place. Please  @zh3n​, welcome to T-Mobile! Is this still happening? In the past when this error occurred, it's because we were still working on setting up your newly activated line. Please keep me updated if you're still seeing the same message.

Yes it's still happening.

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Thank you for getting back to me, @magenta7562418​! Can you confirm which specific plan you're on? 

I was on that $3 prepaid plan, but Saturday we signed up for a postpaid

plan (ONE for 55+), and it also doesn't work. I deleted the app and

reloaded it - and the new plan is on a different email address. Same issue.

It works a little bit on my iPad, but not very well.

I have the same problem, when I log in i am redirected to the prepaid phones page (T-Mobile ) and can't access my account. Please help!

I’ ll tell you about this problem. But I don’t know why tmo doesn’t solve it.

This problem occurs when you log in from the same browser in another account( May be it was someone of your family).

It seems to me that it’s like an antifraud system of t mobile.

You should use only one account in one browser.

And don’t Tell me to clean cookies and change browser. It doesn’t help. The problem is in mixing cookies info and incorrect interpretation of them.

After first attempt you will never been able to get into your account.

You push my t mobile , after that couple of redirects and you still at the same page.

Support, please try to do the same thing as I wrote. And then you will understand this problem.

1) Log in first account

2) log in the second one

3) again first and push my t mobile

4) redirects and as a result you don’t get to account page.

t mobile, please don’t think that people are fools. many people have problems with redirecting . Try to solve it.

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@magenta7562418 - thanks for the extra details. In your case, since you're no longer on a prepaid plan, the app should be functioning as normal and you should no longer be seeing the "we're not ready for you yet" message. Are you getting a different error message now?

@naershova - this is something we're actively working on. You'll need to Community-2153 to file a ticket. You can reference document # 442825 to make things a bit easier. Once your ticket is filed, online account access should be available within 48 hours.

Nope, the app is not functioning at all. I've been on postpaid since


It says "Sorry, something is not quite right here. Unfortunately the

T-Mobile App is not available at this time due to technical difficulties.

Please try back later."

HI! I am unable to access my bill or chat with customer service. I have been trying to log in for over a week to pay my phone bill. Is the website down? Do I need to call the customer service number to pay my bill? There is normally a charge to pay over the phone and not online or through the app.

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I appreciate the updates, @magenta7562418​! This is not the norm, especially on the postpaid side, and I recommend you  @zh3n​! The website is most definitely working and you should be able to easily make a payment on your account. We have a few different options available to make a payment: Pay your T-Mobile bill . You can pay through the automated system to avoid the charge. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

hi amanda! i did contact support and they told me to wait 48 hours. i did and nothing has changed, i'm still being redirected to the prepaid page with no access to my account.

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I appreciate the update, @naershova​. If there hasn't been any progress in 48 hours after filing a ticket with support, I'd recommend giving them another call or working with T-Force over Facebook/Twitter to get a status check.