I do not see Live chat on tmobile website?

  • 13 September 2016
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I would like to chat with customer service via tmobile website. I clicked on contact us and all I see is "chat" but nothing to click on to start a conversation.


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Hey there!

Great question and thanks for reaching out! The live chat link is only active during live chat hours of operation, and when there is enough availability for a live chat rep! Looking at the Contact Us Page right now, the link appears active as of my posting time! Community-2153


I'm trying to find the chat button and don't see it either.  I'm getting very frustrated at this point.

There is no live chat which is absolutely stupid. I have ER05 invalid sim which disables calling and texting. Guess what's the only way to get in contact with T-Mobile? Calling, texting, or otherwise using the Cellular Data connection that is unavailable under the ER05 error. Thanks T-Mobile for bricking my phone with your terrible restrictions and lack of available service options. I now have to go to a physical store and likely pay a replacement fee for a sim card.

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I believe if you have any script blockers it may not show up.

If you look at the bottom right of this page you should see a Message us on My T-Mobile in the bottom right.

Why can't T-mobile _simply_ post the hours the live chat is available? Seems like an unnecessary hassle to make your customers go through..

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Bottom right of this forums homepage. If link is showing , live chat is available.

I do not see Live chat on tmobile website? I do not see Live chat on tmobile website?

"Message us on My T-mobile" is not the same as the publicly accessible live chat - that is only present between certain unknown hours.

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All live chat according to the contact us page does through My-Tmobile unless you're using Facebook or Twitter.


1. No, I've chatted with customer support without having an account.

2. What are the hours anyway - as per you?

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They use to have it posted on the contact page but it's not there anymore.

The only way to chat with them without an account is through social media.

Absolutely ridiculous that you can’t get support LIVE CHAT, text or email -- from one of the world’s largest cell phone service providers, no less. Call or snail mail are your only options. JFC...

Thank you for attention.

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