I feel T-mobile is charging more then what I should be charged.

  • 22 October 2018
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I enjoined T-mobile in November 2016, during Black Friday.  I traded in a iphone 6 128 GB for a iphone 7 plus.  I told I would have pay for a certain to get the Iphone 7 plus and the cell was mine.  I wasn't told I was going to be charged, then give a credit of 20.00. When, i realized, I was being charged for the iphone and give the 20.00 credit.  I called T-mobile to inquire charges and resolve the issues with my cell phone bill.  It has been several times I tried to resolved the issues with my cell phone.  The first time I was told I was not paying for my iphone, although, I was being charged and given  a credit.  After, when I tried resolving the issue with my cell bill.   There time I got different responses that wasn't the same answer, I got previously.  I rate has been changed by T-mobile,  I was paying less then 110.00 and now I am paying 130.00.  My rate has changed four times.  There are few times, i have add other accessories and cell phone.  When, I tried discussing the issues with them, I felt they didn't want to acknowledge they changed the rate of the plan to a lower rate then higher rate, then back to a higher rate.  When I also when into my account to history.  It doesn't  go back to the beginning when I joined T-mobile to dispute what rate from the beginning, I had started with in my plan.  Today, I was told I needed to go to the store to find out what  was the rate of the plan, I had started with.  I asked why can't they check their records, I was told, the information wasn't in the system.  In other word, I have to go to the store to get the information myself.   The representative had told me, she would pass on the information to management and  I should or may hear from them.   What should I do


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You have 90 days to dispute charges, per the terms and conditions.  Your complaint is almost 2 years old.

T-Mobile's "free" actually means you're getting charged X amount and getting X amount in credit, evening out the amount to 0.  The promo was probably $20 in bill credits over two years in exchange to whatever amount your EIP is.

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I dug through our internal content and I agree with the info above. This was in fact a promo of getting a bill credit over 24 months. I don't see any way we can change that. However, if you'd like to discuss different plan options, you're welcome to reach out to our T-Force or Team of Expert folks to go over what you're paying now if you're looking to lower the bill.

The customer representative told me to go check with the store, so I did.  The store told me that my rate shouldn't have been charge from 100.00 to 130.00 but T mobile doesn't want to recognize the original promotion instead they have justified their changes without admitting the changes they made.

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Hmm. So was the store rep able to see exactly when you were being charged the rate they said you shouldn't have been charged? From what I've been able to find, the Black Friday promo only mentions a monthly bill credit for 24 months. Did they say any changes in the rate plan or features causing the increase?

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Hey again. Just checking to see if you need more help trying to sort out what happened. Please let us know.

I had tried to address the issues, when I first noticed. Which was a couple of years ago.

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I get it. It's just a little hard to understand what happened exactly without looking at the account. Our T-Force folks can take a look at your account to see if there's anything they can dig up as to what happened.

T-mobile keeps messing with my account. First, they charged me for a whole phone and I had to call so many times to get hat fixed. Later, I had to pay more money because when I first got my phone they never actually took the time to explain how the whole process and they never gave any credit or whatsoever. They don’t care about their customer. They trick their people. Now they keep charging me extra in my bills and it makes absolutely no sense. I’m so annoyed. Now it’s either they fix this or I’m out for Verizon.  It’s sad, if they keep on doing this, they will lose customers.