I have an unlimited data plan. With binge on, there should be no data usage for Netflix when using my phone's mobil hot spot. Why is my data usage going up when icheck my account?

  • 24 November 2015
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Why is my data usage going up when I use my phone's mobil hot spot feature to watch Netflix on another device? I read that with my unlimited data plan this would not happen. Is the Binge On feature not working?


Best answer by tidbits 9 December 2015, 01:40

Are you guys sure it is being streamed at 480P. If it doesn't stream at that rate it will count as data.

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probably bc your using your mobile hotspot. i believe the offer is for your phone device. just like the data u use on your phone is separate from your hotspot

I believe the OP is correct.  T-mobile advertised that as long as you were on a qualified plan for Binge On and the feature was active, Using your mobile hotspot on a device to view video on a Binge On supported site would incur no data usage.

I got this from their FAQ page on plans

What if I have an Unlimited 4G LTE plan?

You still benefit with Binge On™️! When Binge On is enabled, you’ll get all the benefits of unlimited video on your smartphone and when you use your phone as a mobile hotspot you can stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling, ESPN, Showtime, Starz and more for free, without counting against your tethering bucket. AND you’ll receive 1 free movie rental a month from Vudu– as long as you have Binge On™️ enabled.

I was able to speak with a T-Mobile rep today, they informed me that I

would still see the data usage in the my T-Mobile app but I would not be

limited if it goes over the 7GB I have on my plan.

Thank you all for the replies.

Just a PSA, so far after a few calls to T-Mobile tech support the only thing I have found is that Netflix is using data when using my cell hot spot, and now my connection speeds are reduced. Tech support cannot answer why, and basically said too bad we'll look into it. I was told I should change my rate plan to increase data that should not be used in the first place. I do not recommend Binge On to anyone that has an unlimited data plan.

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Hey there!

Definitely sounds like there are some kinks we need to work out. Have you been able to find an answer to what's happening with your data?


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Are you guys sure it is being streamed at 480P. If it doesn't stream at that rate it will count as data.

I actually gave up on using Binge On, and I have turned it off. It was not

working on my phone and T-Mobile tech support could give no answer and

failed to followed up or call back as promised. The trouble shooting advice

that I was given did nothing but deplete my tethering data bucket. I think

it is just not designed for unlimited accounts and is not worth the hassle.

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Are you sure everything is streaming at 480P?

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I was just checking in to follow up the question by tidbits! 😊 We certainly don't want you to give up on it!


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Just watch Netflix on your phone without binge on then you get to enjoy nice crisp video without useing up your hotspot data.

This crazy it's happening with mine also it's taking all my GBS and they saying they don't see anything unbelievable

Hello -

I am experiencing the same issue.  We live in a rural area and use our mobile tethering (hot spot) to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon from our Xbox.

I am not sure why, but we have 10GB on each line and it uses up our data like normal instead of giving us Binge On.  Not sure if this is because we are connecting via Xbox or if it isn't working properly?  We should not be maxing out our lines.

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The problem outside of the devices the settings matter. It must stream at no higher than 480P to get a zero rating. When you tether your Xbox or computer sees you with a 3MB or higher connection often will request 720P or higher.