I just had the worst customer experience in my life.. who do I talk to?

  • 17 October 2020
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Let me start by saying that I have been a customer of T-Mobile for six years and have raved about the customer service in the stores and support online.  It has been great and I have referred many to the company.  Today’s interactions were shockingly bad and shakes my faith in the company.  I suspect that the problem is with Assurant and not T-Mobile but I pay T-Mobile a lot of money for a protection plan so they are ultimately responsible. Who can I talk to about this?  Do I need file a formal complaint?  

2 replies


IMO - Buying insurance on a home or car makes sense.  Buying insurance on a item that costs well under $1K makes NO $en$e.

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Assurant has always been horrible at best.  Personally, they aren’t worth paying for at all, because what they send you is usually worse than you needed replacing.  You can try messaging T-Mobile through Facebook or Twitter to see if they can get your complaint to the right place.  However, Assurant pretty much ignores all of its complaints and gives off the attitude that you should be lucky to have gotten a replacement at all.  Good luck!