I’m being overcharged for more than a year

  • 25 September 2020
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My plan is supposed to be only $75 a month but I get charged $156 or more every time for as far as I can remember for over an year now. I have called customer service before several times and they put me on hold for more than an hour and hangs up on me. I have went to T-Mobile store few times in my busy schedule and inconvenience of this pandemic too. But the girl at the store was helpless and told me to call T-Mobile again! Now they have suspended my service again cuz I haven’t been able to pay $156.93. Which is odd for getting suspended for just one month! When I tried to log in to my account I can’t see my details of my bills because I’m not authorized? What is that mean? I’m the sole owner of my account and there should be no other on my account. If someone is using my account and I’ve been paying for you need to fix that, and I’d like to collect my over charged payments that I have paid cuz I needed to use a phone to find a job. In this pandemic, I can’t afford to pay extra. It’s very sick and sad to know people trying to take advantage of others in this pandemic instead of helping each other.

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