IMEI Is blocked by T-Mobile on a phone I own

  • 22 April 2019
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Here is the situation. Trying to leave T-Mobile due to some billing issues that I won't go into since I don't want to bash T-Mobile on a public forum. We have multiple iPhones that are paid in full. We received SIM cards from another provider only to find out that T-Moblie has blacklisted the IMEIs on those phones.


How do we go about getting these phones off the blacklist?




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Unfortunately the only way to resolve this is to pay your bill.

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Blacklist, or are they SIM-locked?

Blacklist means you didn't pay for the phone (possibly that you owe them other monies, not 100% certain on this one), so they are able to do what they want to make it painful.  You suggest you paid for the phones in full, so I'll believe this is not the case.

All phones from T-Mobile are SIM-locked to T-Mobile (same with any carrier).  iPhones are SIM-locked to the first carrier they are connected to.  You need to contact the carrier to get your device SIM-unlocked: Unlock your mobile wireless device .  You have to meet all the required items in the document, and you can contact T-Mobile to get an unlock code.

But I own the phones?

Are you telling me that if I have a gas credit card and dispute the bill that they can disable my cars?

Blacklisted. The phones were financed through T-Mobile but have been paid off for almost 2 years. The new SIMs worked for a couple of days. When they were no longer able to get on the network, we called our new provider and was informed that the IMEIs were blacklisted by T-Mobile.

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Like smply asked are they unlocked?

To get an unlock code the account has to be in good standing and if closed no outstanding balance.

Since they worked for a few days I believe so, but to be honest, I'm not sure. Do you know how I can tell?

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Since they're iPhones I would try hooking them up to iTunes to find the status.

My phone is unlocked. I can't check the others since the other users are at work/school.

Does anyone from TMobile monitor these forums?

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Yes but they don't have access for billing.

Your best bet is to contact T-Force using messenger on Tmobile's Facebook or twitter page.

They're account specialist who may be able to help you and explain what's happening with your phones.

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It sounds like the disbuted billing issues you are having is the reason why T-Mobile blacklisted your devices.  Those devices, evennif paid off, are collareral to ensure that your account is paid up.  If you had purchased your devices directly from Apple or BestBuy, T-Mobile wouldn't be able to blacklist them.  Because you purchased them from T-Mobile and potentially owe them money for services.  The devices more than likely were blacklisted to ensure they get the money they believe you owe.