In-Store Representative Lied to Make Us Sign Up, T-Mobile Support Won't Make It Right

  • 27 March 2023
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We were made to sign-up under false pretenses that we would be receiving a 20% monthly discount ($34) for the Magenta MAX plan from an in-store representative. He claimed it was for friends and family, and that he’d use it for us to entice us to sign up.


2 months and multiple trips to the store later, the discount keeps disappearing from our account. The store manager (Ryan) was helpful and provided us with bill credits and a new code when he didn’t know what the problem was. Eventually I called T-Mobile Support (611), and they’ve informed us that we were never eligible for the code, and that it’s too bad and we have to deal with it.


I’m furious that T-Mobile could just lie to our faces and coax us into signing up with them under false promises (which we have paper trail documents from the in-store employee), only to have them yank it out secretely and told to “deal with it”. If this issue isn’t resolved, we are likely to cancel our plan and never recommend to any person with a conscience. This cannot be legal, I don’t believe it so.


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3 replies

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I sought some council, and it seems to be Negligent Misrepresentation (Innocent Misreprestation at best), and we will likely seek bill creditation of $34 per month as the contract stipulated or a no-fault canceling of our contract with all fees paid for by T-Mobile.


BEWARE of any promises made by T-Mobile! They cannot be trusted. Make sure to have all deals done in writing if you are at the store!

Same here, signed up November 10th every billing since has been wrong and I have 13 pages of screen shots of every time I have contacted. Finally a supervisor contacted me and offered a one time credit for the year $810. Which is fine but what about the years after? I accepted the money and will leave after the year is up. They are losing 8 lines when I leave. The supervisor said there system will not allow them to override what I was supposed to have and promised at the store after 4 months of trying they gave up to offer me $810.00

If anyone from T-Mobile reads this do know I will never try or come back to your screwed up service/system. 

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!!! Update:


I contacted T-Mobile support throughout the week, and last Friday (3/31) a representative gave me the impression that the issue is taken care of. However, I’m getting mixed messages saying that the issue has been escalated to a supervisor which means the situation is still unresolved.


If T-Mobile makes this right then I’ll let you all know.