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  • 15 November 2018
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I am having trouble hearing people unless phone is on speaker

9 replies

Hi @magenta4736894​!

If you could let us know what device you have, we can definitely help you troubleshoot the calling problems you're having. This a support forum, so there may be some delay to getting the appropriate help.

If you have an iPhone, you can always visit a Apple store or a T-Mobile store near you. Any other devices, the T-Mobile store is the best bet! For more contact options, Contact Us!


I “upgraded” my phone in February 2021 to the LG V60 Thinq 5G and have been very disappointed. Randomly throughout the day I won’t be able to hear anything when I answer an incoming call but the caller can hear me clearly. If I hang up and return the call, I still can’t hear anything. The problem isn’t relegated to a particular incoming number or time of day. The only temporary fix that I’ve had success with is to restart my phone and return the call. This means that I’m restarting my phone multiple times a day. I noticed several posts mentioning dropped calls when using the speaker feature but this isn’t the same issue as I rarely use the speaker since these are business calls. I have confirmed that I’m not using WiFi Calling and that the System Updates are current. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. I use this phone for work and can’t afford to buy another.

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purchased from TMO or brought over from Sprint? and which update is it currently on? should be V600TM20g Android version 11

The phone was purchased through TMO and it's on version 11

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i know there was an issue prior to 11 with calls but that was resolved with 11 or a smaller update just prior to 11 coming out. what all have you attempted so far to try and fix it on your end? and is this mainly happening in one location or multiple? and how are your bars looking when you receive said calls? 1-2 bars? full bars?

I only noticed this problem occurring when I'm home but that's because I work from home and the vast majority of my calls are work related. The phone is typically at least 50% charged with full bars. To try and correct this problem I made sure that the WiFi Calling wasn't enabled and restarted the phone.

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i know if you are in an area where signal isnt the greatest you will run into issues with Wifi Calling as well since the phone tends to have issues when its flip flopping between mobile signal and no mobile signal. could possibly be what you are seeing. see if you can get it to settle down by turning airplane mode on and then turning wifi and WFC back on.


probably should have asked this first..but with wifi/WFC turned many bars are you seeing on your device?

First, thank you for responding. Let me reiterate, I'm not using WiFi Calling and I always have full bars. I should also note that this wasn't issue with my previous LG phone.

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previous phone was also a LG V60?


im at a loss currently. i run WFC at my two main locations usually with zero issues unless my mobile signal drops..then i start to have WFC issues until it picks up a solid connection again. only issues i have ran into calls wise.