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  • 25 January 2023
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Last month I went to my local T-Mobile store and switched over five lines to Magenta Max, porting numbers from my old carrier. I asked if they could offer me an Insider discount, and one of the salespeople immediately said yes. We completed the transaction, and I mentioned this discount a couple more times before I left.

When I checked the status online at, it said there was no submission associated with my number. I returned to the store and asked the same salesperson about this. He said it would be handled by a higher-up person and gave me the person’s name and email. I reached out to that person (who apparently works for a company that operates the stores, not T-Mobile). He got back to me several days later and said he’d look in to it. No further response even after I emailed him again a week later.

I also mentioned this to a T-Mobile customer service person on the phone when I called about something else, and she didn’t seem to know what the Insider Discount was.

Am I out of luck or is there someone at T-Mobile I can contact for help?

5 replies

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From what I've seen a Tmobile Insider promo hasn't been offered since May of 22.

Also if that's a 3rd party Tmobile store the employees wouldn't have an insider code since they're not Tmobile employees.

You can try using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support.

I just had the same experience on may 21st 2023. I came into the tmobile store in Richmond TX and I switched 4 lines from verizon to tmobile go5g plus. I was promised the insider deal, then the people helping me said it would need a managers approval but I didn’t need to wait. They said they would call or message me then nothing. I came back a few times and they promised they would get it done. So multiple trips to the t-mobile store and time wasted getting scammed..

I checked the status online at, it said there was no submission associated with my number.

I was really excited to finally make the switch, but this has me pretty pissed off / ruined the experience. In my 50 years on the earth I have never experienced anything like this from what I would consider to be a legitimate business. 


My wife escalated through the T-Force support team on Facebook. They were pretty responsive. It took a few rounds of discussions over a few weeks, but we eventually got our discount. Good luck, @swimming-up-hill.

 Thanks @jmm2001 . Looks like this may get sorted out after all. Working with the store now but will escalate via T-force if it doesn’t get sorted out

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