• 11 July 2019
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Noone has helped me with my internet the technical team sent a ticket they said three days its been 5 and its still running slow when I'm paying all of my phone bill this is ridcolous.


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A brief description of the issue, what device(s) you are using, and what troubleshooting steps you have tried might help the with some here being able to help you resolve your issue. 

Keep in mind that this is a community forum, separate from the official support channels. We don't have access to your account or any trouble tickets, etc. Many of us are just customers like you. So, a complete description of the problem, from the beginning, is important.

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Those tickets that are filed if they are in fact actually filed means that you need to follow up on the tickets. So anytime you file a ticket you need to get the ticket number so that you can follow up. T-Mobile is not going to call you back or message you back with any information having to do with any issue you are experiencing.

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Hey, @coolss​!

I echo all of the above posts. I'm happy to read that a ticket was filed; if you haven't heard back from us yet regarding the outcome of the ticket, it's best to  Community-2153​. If you'd still like help, we're here for you -- just give us a bit more detail of what's going on (what type of internet speeds you're getting, zip code where this occurs, type of phone you're using, etc).