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  • 10 August 2021
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T-mobile service is awful, unfortunately I’m already totally aware of that by now. 

Just wondering if overall, the internet is as bad as everything else? (like all cell phones etc?) 

I assume yes, but I’m working on redoing my whole family’s internet plans (trying to finally get away from Xfinity!) and figured I’d quickly ask the question before crossing them off the list.



9 replies

Do NOT get their internet service! The download speeds are from 0.35 mbps to most often below 10. (We’re paying for 25). When calling tech support, they confirm it’s not the various towers. They blame the modem device. One tech support kept telling me how he was such an “expert’ and “not to worry” that we’d have a new device in two days. (Then I got two e-mails saying it wouldn’t be shipped for almost a month!). Another tech support guy blamed it on covid & more people needing home access...but that seems to be only part of it. (Their devices out the door are turning up as “bad apples” and replacements are likely happening across the USA.  

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I'm getting over 200mb. The upload used to be between 50 and 80. All of a sudden the upload is between 7 and 11 mb. Don't know why. Also I'm paying 60 bucks a month, yet TMobile sends me emails advertising for 50 a month. Wonder why I'm paying ten dollars more of that are offering it for less 

I agree

I get great speeds, but the service stops for a few minutes to half an hour every now and then (seems to be daily).

The problem happen at random times. During the interruption, the 5G signal is strong, the T-Mobile internet app connects with the gateway and says the service is working, but no device (tablets, laptops) has internet access.

“Tech” support has no idea what is wrong. Their canned “solutions” don’t address this issue.

The service is not reliable. Back to Xfinity …

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Location, location, location. T-Mobile’s Internet service seems to be highly location dependent. For some people, it’s fantastic. For others it stinks. I wish T-Mobile did a better job of pre-screening potential ISP customers. Having a bunch of disgruntled customers doesn’t do the brand any good. 

I pay money for a service that has interruption all the time, something not right.


Dismal download speeds between 5pm and 10pm. Right now at 9pm it is 0.26 mbps. This service is not ready for prime time. Spectrum just lowered their internet service to $49 month. Very disappointed with T-Mobile.

I live in Dunn NC and I’m two miles from interstate 95. I just changed from Verizon to T-mobile. I got the magenta max 55 plus plan for our cell phones. I was told that I could get a hotspot for my internet service . After receiving the hotspot I had to return it because I couldn’t keep a reliable signal. My. Question is I have 40gb of hotspot on my cell phone and have been able to stream Netflix with no problems. I’m not tech savy so why does the hotspot work on my phone where I can stream on my Roku tv. And does anyone know when they will update there towers in my area.

Got the internet service a few weeks ago.  It is awful. Upload speeds have been in kbs not mps.  It cuts out many times per day. Tech support had me running from window to window. I got good exercise but no dependable  internet. I am returning it.