iPhone 12 pro max problem since that damn data breach in May

  • 16 November 2021
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iPhone 12 Pro max is it disaster since May wiped it twice I just want a new phone do you think will trade it out in 11 months old? I’ve been working with Apple developers it’s crazy I traded is my old phone for it and got like $507 for it said I can’t buy it out and resell it I got a new phone because of that because it’s in the contract T-Mobile service so I was like leaving me screwed. I hope they at least be gracious enough to give me my old phone back lol but I’m gonna see if they’ll trade it Apple said they gave me 800 for it and that went down to 700 within two weeks I was down under 500 for trading a T-Mobile which part of my mind is blown away what you think . Change my number email addresses are mostly locked out my new ones I’m all over the dark web now even answer spyware malware and whatever else has been in there in my phone. I got a text somebody in a text box is already full of nasty shit to say to somebody is horrible

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