Iphone 7 shows no service.

  • 1 February 2018
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My service randomly stopped working two days ago. I've never had this problem. I've reset network settings, I've turned the phone on and off multiple times. I took the sim card out to inspect it and put it back, I've gone on airplane mode, but the service still didn't show up. Can someone help me?


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11 replies

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Try another TMobile sim, either a friends or at the store. You can also contact apple support for testing. Contact TMobile on social media as it might be a service issue in your area.

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Have you found out any info? Were you able to see if others were effected in the area?

I asked but no one else has this problem

I already tried putting another sim

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If no one else is having the issue I would try backing up all your info with iTunes and doing a factory reset. If the phone works after the reset then great. If it doesn't it's ether a hardware issue or a provisioning issue.

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Hey there! Any luck with backing up and resetting your phone?

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So I ended up reading this article and was wondering if you could check to see what variant of the device you have. It may be a hardware issue. ALso have you had a chance to back up your info?

My Iphone 7 plus does this too, but more so randomly and only for minutes at a tim. I turn my phone off for a bit and when I power it on it’s working again. ( it doesn’t happen often )

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Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see if you'd been able to get your phone back up and running. Did you wind up resetting it? How are things going for you?

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Just checking in once more!


i have this same issue