IRS Verify Account via Text Message

  • 26 May 2020
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I need to get a copy of my tax returns so I can file 2019 and the only way I can get them is through their online process, where you verify yourself 6 different ways and the final verification is entering your cell phone number, and somehow they use that through t-mobile to verify I am who I am and I think send me a text message.

There's a thread exactly what I"m experiencing here, it's marked as resolved, but it isn't, if you read the comments.

Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

Due to Covid19, this is the only way to get a copy of prior tax return.

My CID and name on account matches what t-mobile has. I've been a t-mobile customer with the same phone number for 14 or 17 years.

Help is appreicated.



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Check out this much more detailed post: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

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The only thing T-Mobile has control of is the Caller ID, so you'll want to follow Caller ID troubleshooting​. If your Caller ID shows correctly and it's still not working, the IRS website says that they can't verify all phone numbers and you'll need to have the activation code sent by mail.

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Check out this much more detailed post: Still can't verify T-Mobile phone # with

I am facing similar issue, while creating account on IRS website, I am suppose to get Text message to Verify , but no text reciept from IRS. Can some one help? it is urgent.

I am facing the same issue. Did your issue get resolved. This is very urgent for me to get resolved. Why is T-Mobile not fixing this problem that so many of their customers are facing.


On It accepts my tel# and I am sent to the page where I am supposed to type in the activation code that i receive through SMS but I never receive the SMS containing the activation code. I checked my T-Mobile account and have no “blocks” added. accept my cell# as valid but the text is never sent to me. This happens with my bank and credit cards as well, but in those situation they have a “call option” where I get a robot calling me to tell me my code. Why are my text messages blocked when my account clearly has all blocks set as “off”?

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call in and have them turn “short code texts” on on your account. this is not something everyone wants on their accounts so it must be requested.