Is it possible to block calls based on the first digits of the number?

  • 31 July 2020
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Yesterday I started to have scam calls from a 1 628 259 xxxx number. Each time the last 4 digits were different. They left the same scam voice-mail each time.


Today those numbers call me about every 10 minutes, it’s driving me crazy.


I tried to turn ON Scam Block but that didn’t make a difference.


Is there a way to block calls based on those first digits?

2 replies

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It depends on your phone. On my Android Motorola I would go into the Calls app ->Settings ->Blocked Numbers and would enter  +1628259 to block all calls with those beginning digits. I’ve done this for my particular phone’s CO prefix because SPAMers like to make their calls appear to be local. They often use numbers from the same CO prefix as the target phone.


I was looking for an option like that on my phone but didn’t find it (I have a BLU R1 HD). This feels like something that should be basic on any phone!


I don’t know if the spams just stopped by themselves, or if the “Scam Block” feature actually worked with a delay (I still got a couple of calls after turning it ON), but it has been two hours since I received the last spam call.