Is it possible to send a text message through your PC?

  • 31 May 2020
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Occasionally Ill get a text while Im on my laptop and Im just wondering is there an app or something I can download that is provided by T-Mobile, or by Samsung, that allows me to text the person in my phone through my computer rather than my phone?

This would also be helpful for those long winded messages that need to be sent that you just dont feel like texting all through your phone, and could type much faster and with more accuracy through your computer.


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Hmmm? There are ways you can send text from your PC (e.g. Google Voice) but they come from another number. I know someone who dictates incredibly long missives to Siri to send as texts. It seems possible that one might look for a remote screen sharing app like "Air Droid"? Just a WAG.

Hm. Interesting, but Ive tried the voice texting sometimes when I really just dont feel like typing and its wildly inconsistent. Mostly on my part because other things will be happening around me and my mind will get jumbled. Also theres autocorrect and Im not usually actually looking at my phone when its doing the voice text so never really paying attention to if its actually putting down what Im saying, and then theres the lack of punctuation because I dont feel like saying comma, or period, after every breath lol. Idk. I was just kinda having wishful thinking that since Samsung, and/or T-Mobile treat texting like a separate app anyway, that there was something you could download on your computer through your account that would allow you to connect and make texts through it as well.

I know the voice recognition thing is hit or miss. I knew a gal with a thick Southern accent. She'd ask Siri the time and Siri didn't understand the question. This other person with a rather crisp Eastern accent seems to be able to dictate long discussions, letter perfect. Strange.

Do take a look at the Air Droid app. Maybe it won't work for you but it might give you some ideas.

You can attach a BT keyboard to most Android phones. Some people buy a high-end phone with HDMI output capability, hook it to a keyboard and monitor, and use it as their only computer.

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Android Messages by Google.  You can use your browser to send texts.

Just download it on your android device and then go to this website

Messages for web

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I forgot If you have Windows 10 you can use your phone do it as well.  If you have an Samsung device you can do quite a bit more than that as well.  Only works for Android devices.

Well, if you're using Linux, try KDE Connect; however, Hangouts by Google works perfectly as long as you have your Gmail open. Hangouts uses your data or WiFi connection not your SMS or MMS connection. 😉

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You can do that using DIGITS! There's an app you can download for Mac OS or Windows, or you can just visit the website and log in with your T-Mobile ID.