Is T-Mobile ripping off customers by not letting them port a number?

  • 14 January 2022
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My partner has been trying to port her number to join my carrier service. She is on her ex-husband’s family plan with T-Mobile and has had to get account information from her ex-husband’s mother to port the line and has had to have her join three-way calls with T-Mobile on three separate occasions. As you might suspect, that is a very awkward situation!! Still, after getting approval from the account holder, T-Mobile will not allow the number to be ported. 

I’ve called myself multiple times and most recently, after being on the line for 37 minutes, got disconnected from the customer service rep. I asked him to call the account holder and I guess he was in the process of doing that. This was the second time I’ve been disconnected in this manner. 

Has anyone else had problems porting a number to another carrier? I think T-Mobile may be ripping people off by making the porting process impossible. They’ve already got a couple months of extra service fees by not letting our port go through. 

1 reply

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Sometimes numbers can't be ported.

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