Is there a document showing prepaid and postpaid unlock timeframes?

A lot of people want to bring their prepaid and postpaid devices over to T-Mobile, and I'm looking to have a clear document on how long customers have to wait to unlock their devices from other carriers. This would preferably be a grid.


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You would need to ask the other carriers since the all have different requirements.

Tmobile's usage requirements are 40 days of use on a postpaid plan on a fully paid off phone but on a

prepaid plan it's a year or $100 in refills.

Here's Tmobile, AT&T and Sprints unlock requirements. Verizon phones are supposed to be sold unlocked.

Also Tmobile can only unlock Tmobile branded phones.

Unlock your mobile wireless device!/wireless/KM1262649?gsi=bre7su

Unlocking your Sprint device

That's a great start!

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Also you will need to look at all the prepaid MNVO's requirements since

the requirements probably all vary .