Is this a scam

I received a text thanking me for my business. When I clicked the link it said that I had won a TV. After taking a survey and told me that I have to pay shipping for the TV and asked for my information. Is this a scam?


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If it seems to be good to be true, it probably is. It sure sounds like a scam to me.

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I've got a better offer - I'll send you a bigger TV.   You'll just need  to pay shipping charges so send me your credit card number.

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Don't forget to follow the steps to forward the spam to our spam team. We're always looking for more examples so we can protect you better.

I received below text about an hour after a call to T-Mobile Support.  Their system must be infected with malware giving out our phone numbers after contacting them.  Note the TS before Mobile.



these are being delivered through the T-Mobile cellular network. Very disappointing that these scams can’t be filtered out.


/ / / 30s Tmobile survey for 100$ credit
Your code is: 32525137


Reply STOP to cancel these texts

Over the past week I am getting at least one or more per day of these messages via SMS.

I too have received the same SMS text message about a T-Mobile survey for a $100 credit several times recently with a code number and a hot link. All I do is delete it and block the number. It's not a legitimate T-Mobile offer so don't fall for it.

I got it today.

I got a message to take a survey and WIN a prize. Oddly enough, I just left a T-Mobile store 15 minutes prior to that. I did the survey and it said I can have ear buds for just 5.00 shipping. I used my c card and received them. Then on my next c card statement had a charge for .44.95. I contacted the go that sent them. They said I didn’t read the fine print that I had to return them in 17 days or less or be charged. WHAT THE HECK IS THE PRIZE?  To buy 5.00 ear buds for 44.95. This is screwing the general public. I will do everything I can to fix this b s. They use the T-Mobile colors so I thought it was legit. Stupid for thinking that.  

I think you’re right that their system is infected with malware. I received a scam text message after installing my new SIM card after the merger with Sprint. I was originally a Sprint customer and this is my first introduction to T Mobile… not impressed so far...

I ordered them and they came with an iphone charger, legit case and when I looked up the serial number, it says “serial number replaced”. However, they work great!

I received a text from Tmobile, which I cannot now find, right after I signed up for Tuesday app. Worded that Tmobile valued me as a customer and if I take survey, I can win a "thank you" prize. I took the survey and was presented with a list of prize options; I chose ear pods because it was early worded that they were a prize and I only pay cost of shipping. I authorized a one-time charge of $9.99 for the shipping and received very cheap, non-branded product a week later. 2-3 weeks afterward, I got an email saying, "your trial period has expired and you have been billed the remaining amount". My credit card statement shows the $9.99 charge plus a $109.88 charge. I'm furious and happy to return unopened pods, but it's difficult dealing with scammers. HELP!


While working through the forced 5g phone upgrade (almost 10 hours of nightmares on the phone and at the store) they tried to add Samsung watches to the deal. They said it was absolutely free. After I pushed them they said that there would be a ten dollar charge. I couldn’t get them to come out and say if it was a reoccurring one. Super shady. They also kept adding taxes and reoccurring but credited payments phones even though the promotion said that there would be non. That’s a sneaky way of locking you in.

Email survey SCAM off of the T-Mobile Tuesdays site asks to answer Capitol ONE rating offers free Item Just pay Shipping I was billed $7.55 for S&H Then Charged $49.97 twice. Internet SCAM FRAUD I want my $99.94 returned!

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Email survey SCAM off of the T-Mobile Tuesdays site asks to answer Capitol ONE rating offers free Item Just pay Shipping I was billed $7.55 for S&H Then Charged $49.97 twice. Internet SCAM FRAUD I want my $99.94 returned!


Wow, that sounds incredibly similar to this scam:






Hello, every now and then, I receive text messages from T-Mobile regarding T-Mobile Tuesdays with the #GetThanked.

I don't know if they're legit, as I am a new T-Mobile customer & don't know if this is a common procedure for them?? So,  I was wondering if anybody else received these? They look like this:

<#> 2818 is your T-Mobile Tuesdays code. Enter it in the app to #GetThanked. r3LJoc8uXZB

Just for reference the text are coming from this number # 3340?

I'm sure this is probably a scam, so please don't judge! 🤫😁

just figured I'd ask and put this up here to help any other T-Mobile customers not get scammed. If you have any info it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED ‼️

Warmest Regards,




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Hi out there to all of you.

I came here today to let you all that use Iphpones and Android devices that you can grab a program called SpamHound for Iphone and Android devices which allows you to block text messages that contain certain keywords and url’s.

the reason I posted this information if because of the latest unblockable text message going round that claims your bill was payed and that you won a prize and tries to get you to clink on a link which can be dangerous.

if you want in SpamHounds settings you can set it to save or auto delete from the device the messages you block by number or keywords.

you can also set it to save all your settings in your gmail account…

hope this helps you out with receiot of all the soam

p.s. remember if you set it to auto delete all blocked mms’s and texts first time somethinggets blocked its saved into spam box untill you manually delete it


hope this helps you all..

Samuel J. Presley


I'm checking on this as a scam.…from 15189168503 

Final Attempt! Its Deeanne. I attempted to reach you about your T1-Mobile i*Pad ! It will be sent to the next winner if no             re