Issue Closing T-Mobile Account with multiple lines

  • 17 December 2021
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Warning if you have multiple lines. I transferred my active phone lines to a different carrier this November. I had called T-Mobile customer service that day to confirm that my account (because when you transfer your line, you can no longer access your account - this is absolutely not right when you have final pending charges, etc. horrible customer care practices, this should not be allowed) was closed and I was told it was and that I would be receiving my final bill in the mail. Apparently the rep did not actually look at my account because we had an additional line that was not in use (promo for a free line when we signed). This line kept our account open and I have been charged for full services a month later, and never received a bill in the mail (due to this line keeping the account open). I am being charged for services when I was no longer with T-Mobile.

I called customer service. They put me through an entire ordeal and told me to go to the store to confirm my identity (I had forgotten my 6 digit pin) and have the store call with their unique ID to confirm my identity. The store did not call customer service, put a note in my account and told me to call customer service. An hour later customer service called, the rep was not able to use any of the information the store had provided confirming my identity and asked instead to confirm my identity using the email on my account. OH MY GOSH!!! Why did the customer service rep not simply do this when I called earlier this week? Instead I went to the store, waited in line, etc….

I think it is to simply drag out the process and not let me receive credit from my new carrier for switching to them. I need my final bill right now, in an email. I need to speak to a manager.

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