Issues with online account and bill pay

  • 23 April 2022
  • 1 reply


Hello everybody I have a bone to pick. I recently switched my internet service from ATT due to them not providing fiber in my area. I decided to join Tmobile home internet. It was less expensive and easy to set up. I thought everything was good until it wasn't. First I had a hard time setting up my online account due to technical issues. I also tried paying online but it still said technical issues. So I called customer service to pay the bill and they charged me an extra 10 dollars. Also if you don't pay on the due date they immediately access a  30 dollars late fee.  Also I am  having issues with my Hulu Live due to their IP address constantly switching. This is very irritating.  Tmobile should have done a lot more research before jumping into the internet game.

1 reply

Did you know they also started an online bank? They want to dip their toes into everything. Yes, it's unfortunate but their internet is lacking as much as their data service. But hey my $1,400 phone has great phone and text abilities. I just can't expect much for online stuff.