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  • 14 June 2021
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I am using MetroPCS for at least 7 to 8 years now.  For the first time when I got stuck in my country due to corona and could return, they cancel my number that I was using for very long time. If they wished, they could activate it but they did not. Therefore I had to get a new number.


Since I needed internet service also, I signed up with MetroSMART hotspot of $50/month and I was using it for last few months where two times, the data ran out so fast before its due date even thought I had not used it that much.

So I finally decided to cancel the MetroSMART hotspot and continue only with the phone line that I have with Metro.

Yesterday when I called the customer care to know how to cancel the MetroSMART hotspot by myself, she told me that I could go online on metroPCS site and simply select the hostpot plan and deactivate it. I believed her words and in the night time when I opened the website, I could not find any option to cancel of deactivate only MetroSMART hotspot service. 

It was my due date to pay for my phone line even though I was to cancel the hotspot so I decided to pay the monthly $30 for my phone line so that it will work without any interruption and I was convinced that my phone line was ok.

Today when I tried to call customer care again to inform them that I could not find the option on the site to cancel MetroSMART hotspot, I realized that even though I had paid $30 for my phone line, my phone was not working so I could not contact customer care.  and MetroPCS stores were already closed.

I thought that MetroPCS will allow me to at least call customer care toll free number but it did not allow me to call even customer care number.

Now I will not be able to use my phone until I go to MetroPCS store tomorrow morning.  This is really ridiculous that even though I paid for my phone line, I am unable to use my phone just because the MetroSMART hotspot is still associated with the phone line and it continues to say that my payment is due.  Really stupid. 

I want Tmobil to fix this problem on MetroPCS page so that whenever a customer has to cancel the hotspot plan and just continue with phone line, they can easily do it and thus their phone line wont be suspended like mine.

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Wow, really sorry to hear you’ve been having so much trouble. We’d like to help here, but we’d need folks with account access. You should be able to call 611 from your phone and get routed right to care. Or, you can use the care options you see on the Metro by T-Mobile Contact Us page.