Ive had T-Mobile for 2 months now…


Where do I start, Ive had nothing but issues (not the good kind) with this service from me the start. After paying a initial deposit of 500 before I could start a plan or get a device. They send my phone to the wrong address, which I had to do all this investigating to find, then reorder a new phone. Then they sent it without a SIM card and it took 2 days for a rep to change some numbers in my imei to use it as a electronic sim. I swear I have talked to at least 50 representatives assuring me these multitude of issues were taken care of but of course it’s all part of the script they have to read. Now on my 2nd bill they are trying to charge me 600 dollars for the device they sent to the wrong address. Im ready to go to boost mobile or cricket wireless if I am going to continually be lied to and extorted.

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