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  • 14 May 2022
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Tired of hours on the phone and web trying to resolve issues with T-Mobile as a new customer bringing three lines from Att.  I have been given bad information on multiple occasions and even escalating in support has done nothing to resolve this.  Instead of having one wireless bill I now have two, Att and T-Mobile after listening to directions from an overseas support agent Who when I called to inquire about the cards to pay off my devices had me port out of Att before it was unlocked.  My phone, my lifeline to my business and after that going to att store and forced to buy a new line just to use the phone without my phone number.  Now, looking to get the $400 back for the phone I paid off I can’t even find the promo code to enter.  Their app has errors in it and returns errors saying I am not eligible for program I am not even signing up under.  
my next posts will be on social media where someone at T-Mobile who might give a crap decides to help resolve the multiple issues and bills I have resulting from horrible, untrained and educated customer service representatives. And, despite what the original rep said, I now have to come out of pocket another $600 to move the other phone over.  Oh, did I forget to say I’m not working, on disability and don’t have that 600 so now I have two cell phone bills and the att one the same since I had to add a line to be able to use the phone whose number I ported over following directions from rep when asked about the credit card and when I would receive it.  While writing this escalated support called me back and I could barely hear.  Said he would call right back.  That was 10 min ago.  3 hours today dealing with this.

2 replies

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The first thing to understand is that T-Mobile does not “pay off” anything. What they will do, provided you jump through all the hoops in the correct order, is to reimburse you for your expenses in paying off your EIP with another carrier. The steps are outlined here:

Now, I’ve never done it, so I have no personal experience. I can only point you to the web page.

I switched to T-Mobile in May and I have called them over 10 times. They screwed up EVERYTHING. The Save and Switch is a scam. The reps in the store can't help me and the reps on the phone keep promising they'll fix it and it doesn't get fixed. I do not want to walk away from my $238 reward. My next step is a complaint to the BBB and the FCC.