keep getting threatening enails about equipment that was returned

  • 10 June 2021
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I keep getting threatening emails from T-Mobile after I returned a modem using the label T-Mobile provided. The modem was properly presented to the UPS store without any damage, they checked the modem and boxed it themselves. I kept the processing and tracking paperwork the attendant provided and it includes a tracking number as 1Z0545229095656395, “recieved by TMO GRC” on May 20. 2021. 


2 replies

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Oh no. You can give this info to our Care team. They can escalate this on their end to make sure you don’t continue to get message about returning the equipment.


Hello, Can you please just have someone fix it, like send an email or something or whatever. I have things to do and T-Mobile doesn’t pay me a salary to fix their issues and sit on hold for hours to talk about my feelings and if I’m “happy with the service provided today” when you clearly got the gizmo back.


I’ll be happy with the service provided if I don’t have to waste time trying to fix T-Mobiles system issues for free without getting a salary. Last time I checked, I pay T-Mobile for service, not the other way around.


I don’t need to talk to anyone. Tracking number says you got. You can fix this. Please just fix it. I just want to pay the bill and not be bothered. I don’t want to live my life on the phone with your customer service all the time.