Lesson: Don't trust what T-mobile Sales Rep tells you

  • 24 November 2021
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On Sept 6th, I wanted to add a new line to my account for a family member.  I tried to add it online, but T-mobile forced me to call them.


Over the phone, the sales rep. told me that there is an offer for an iPhone Pro Max whose cost is about 1100, but will only cost around 360$ due to a promotion.   I was not looking to buy a phone, but given the offer, I decided why not.   The sales rep. confirmed the order with me, verbally at least two times.   


A month later,  I am being charged the full 1100$ for the device (an iPhone 12 Pro Max).   I call back t-mobile, but they say, there was no promotion running at the time, so there isn’t anything they can do about it.  Except for a 50$ credit!

Of course, the electronic documents online show that I signed up to pay 1100$.  I am not sure what happened here.   May be, I did not read it carefully during the 5 minutes I was on the phone with the rep.  Or May be, I trusted the words of a t-mobile sales rep, who verbally confirmed the order at least twice. 

Of course, T-mobile has the recording of these sales calls, but use it only for “training” purposes.

Lesson learnt:  Never trust what a T-mobile sales rep tells you.

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