lied rep lied

  • 25 November 2021
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Hey apparently , I was promised by t mobile rep that I will be getting 20$ off on my upgrade with no trade in , she promised me that and now they are denying me to get 20$ off ? Is this how it work t mobile? Believing her I made a purchase to gift my mom and I gifted her now T-Mobile says I have to pay in full ? 

what should I do when t mobile lies ?

1 reply

There’s nothing you can do. This company lied to me too. Their advertising on TV lies about free phones for existing customers with trade-ins. Their reps lied to me about the discounts I would receive. I was never given a contract to view. I was asked to add my signature on a pad and got the contract after I had signed. This company is being sued all over the country for deceptive business practices. I was never told what my trade-in was worth. I was told I would get a “credit” on my bill, which turned out to be $6.62. That’s it. I now owe hundreds of dollars on a phone on a contract I can’t get out of. Bad on me for trusting what they told me. But customers don’t forget. At the end of this prison sentence, I will never use them again. I’m furious. I’m sorry for you but this is how they operate.