Lied to about promotion deal

  • 22 February 2021
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This past Summer (2020) I decided to try out Tmobile even after many people warmed me not to. 

I went into a store (Now Closed down), and asked for any deals. The person who helped me said that I would be able to buy one and get one free. Now I specifically asked if this was contract, or if I could just pay off one phone fast and it would be over. He reassured me 3 times that I could pay the phone off quickly and then the other would be free. 

This however was a lie. I made already $500 in payment and now they are charging me for both of the phones. 

I cant go back to the store to confront the person because the store closed down. I contacted customer service and they said they cant fix anything. 

I left Sprint because of the same problem (employees lying to make money) and it happened again in Tmobile. 

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This happens in all forms of retail.  I do wish T-Mobile would crack down on it though.  However, doing your own research before taking advantage of these deals is always something any customer or potential customer should do first.