Lifetime Discounts for Customer Loyalty

  • 16 July 2021
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I’ve been using T-Mobile for over a decade, in large part because almost decade ago they offered a $5 lifetime discount to encourage prepaid customers to stay with the company.

Since then, T-Mobile constantly tries to “upgrade” my service while lying to me about whether I will keep my discount, and recently they decided that my autopay needed to be updated (no notice) and then needed to conveniently redo my service when entering the (same) credit card information to pay the bill again.

Three months in a row I have called customer support to complain and three times they’ve told me that they can’t revert the change, and will credit my account. Last time I made them swear to do it without me needing to intervene, and lo and behold a month later I’m getting charged the wrong amount.

I assume other people are in the same situation, so I can only say… you are more loyal to T-Mobile than their own employees are because their staff don’t even remember the program and definitely can’t fix it when they break your account over your objection. I know this will be the push I need to stop being loyal.

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