Linking T-Mobile account with Mint

  • 28 February 2021
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I want T-Mobile Money bank account to be linked with Mint financial application. Unfortunately, T-Mobile Money account no longer shows up in Mint! 

I checked with Mint customer care, their response is as below. Seems, T-Mobile needs to respond but unfortunately, there is no response or no interest from T-Mobile technical team to allow this integration.


Response from Mint customer care team -

“I have located T-Mobile Money web address in our system, it should show for you to add the account but it was removed in 2018 because of connectivity issue. Unfortunately since 2018, all T-Mobile affiliated websites have been blocking our script from accessing our customers information so it is no longer supported. This just means, most commonly that Tmobile isn't working with us in order to resolve. But since the case is still open that means we are still trying for our customers.

We are working on the matter, but cannot move forward without Tmobiles help. That is what's holding my engineers back unfortunately. Other than calling them and notifying them of the issue, there is nothing else that I can think you can do to get the ball rolling with Tmobile.


For those who want T-Mobile - Mint integration, I request you all to send email, message or call T-Mobile customer care to request them to allow this. Otherwise, they have been sitting on this issue since 2018. All major banks like BoA, Chase, American Express all such integration with highest possible security and responsibility. There is no reason why T-Mobile shouldn't join the league of great financial insitutions.


Best answer by tmo_mike_c 22 March 2021, 22:52

Hey thanks for the feedback on this. We don’t have any info on Mint linking to the account, but I’ll pass that feedback along.

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11 replies

Please fix this! I love the Tmobile Money account… and I keep a lot of funds there. It really annoys me that it does not link to Mint. I am consolidating other accounts into Tmobile due to the generous interest rates and it really annoys me that I can;t see it in Mint.

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Thats the reason I have decided not to choose T-mobile money account as direct pay and day to day usage. Can’t track unless you sign in and check in app.. 

Have been waiting for very long probably 6+ months.. No satisfactory answer from T-mobile money team..

Please add Mint compatibility with T-Mobile Money. I’m a 10-year T-Mobile customer and new Money user, and I’ve been using Mint for 15 years. I REALLY want this to work.

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Hey thanks for the feedback on this. We don’t have any info on Mint linking to the account, but I’ll pass that feedback along.

+1 longtime t mobile customer (since 2004) wanting you to support Mint. It is entirely possible to enable this without compromising security.

T-Mobile please enable integration with Mint. 

Please enable integration of T-mobile Money with Mint.  Love both of them.

Please allow integration of T-Mobile MONEY with Mint. It would be convenient for me but essential for my wife, with her disability, to have a complete view of our finances.


thanks @tmo_mike_c for replying.

We asked about T-Mobile suddenly breaking the connect that had been there for years 9 months ago.
thread here:

1 month ago you said you were looking into it.

It smells like T-Mobile wants to compete with so they sabotaged the connect and refuse to answer.

Just locking every thread that asks about this is very rude of Tmo. I hope you can escalate this, maybe to the CEO if need be. (I miss John Legere!)

Since it’s entirely possibly for the integration to happen and T Mobile is well aware, I have to ask, why isn’t this a priority?

Why isn’t T-mobile doing anything? What are they waiting for?