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  • 29 July 2019
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quick story

I lost my phone/stolen, walked inside tmobile the next day to buy a new phone, I picked a phone, it was out of stock so we had to order it, paid the initial payment,

gave my email address and billing info to t mobile. t mobile tells me to check email, open the link for e-signed agreement may take 24-48 hours before it's available to view. i waited, payment went through, got an email saying my device has shipped with the order number together with a link to check order status. i signed up for a tmobile ID, received an email saying tmobile id is ready for use. Went to tmobile website, clicked log in, entered my username and password,

NOW my problem is, after signing in to check my order status, it ask's me "Please enter the phone number you would like to link to your account. For verification purposes, we will send a free text message containing your confirmation code to this phone number." so I entered my old number that was stolen and ask me for "For verification purposes a 6-digit confirmation code was sent to (number)" my question is, how tf am I suppose to get that confirmation when i don't have a gddmn phone???seriously tmobile? i went to tmobile store for help but they told me to call customer service. with what tho? i currently live by  my self and have no extra phone to call cutomer service. it has an option to change number below, so i tried my family's tmobile number but it wouldn't work. can someone help a brother out! thanks


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Was the phone and number from T-Mobile or another carrier?  One would think they should have cancelled the stolen phones SIM on the spot and issued you a new SIM with that number if your service was with T-Mobile before your device was lost/stolen.

yes it was from the same carrier, same t mobile store and no they didn't hand me a new sim for the old number. i'm guessing the new phone will come with a sim card?

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Hopefully.  My OnePlus 7 Pro did not come with a new SIM.  You should contact Customer Care to make sure the old SIM and device are reported lost/stolen to make sure you don't end up woth a bunch of unexpected charges.  They should also be able to tell you if an active SIM request was put in to ship with your new device. 

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Hey, @m4dmanirate​!

I'm sorry to hear about your phone 😥 . I'm glad you were able to get the one you wanted ordered right away. It'll come with a new SIM and you'll have to wait for it to arrive to activate your My T-Mobile account. I'm sure it would've been helpful if we let you know ahead of time that there will be a delay with your My T-Mobile set-up which I can pass along for feedback.