long delay of certain group text messages

  • 19 July 2018
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I've noticed that when on wifi, I will not receive certain group texts. This seems to be number specific.  The texts will usually come in either hours or days randomly while I'm not on wifi.

I've actually witnessed this several times on all of my past phones. My current phone is a first generation pixel.  Turning off wifi usage is not a solution I want to use. I have downloaded other text messaging apps with the same results. It seems that a lot of other people are having the same issue on TMOBILE. I was wondering if anyone has figured out a work around?

6 replies

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Hey, @magenta5583501​! Sometimes the culprit for something like this is Android/iOS, but if this is happening across multiple devices, then it seems like either a routing issue or an issue with the number (unless, and this seems like a slim chance, all of the devices you had this trouble with were BYOD, in which case it could be an APN issue). You said you thought it might be number specific -- does that mean it's happening only in one group message, or happening in many group messages where one number is present, or do you mean that it's specific to your number (and apologies for the multiple choice there!)?

So all of my phones have been google phones, which means they were BYOD.

Back to the question:

Its hard to pinpoint how number specific this issue is. Like I said, it normally resolves itself when i'm not on wifi.  However; it seems to be certain other numbers(not my own) that I do not receive the message.

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Hmm, is this happening when the sender(s) includes an image or are they only sending text? Can you tell if there's a trend with messages not coming in from a specific carrier?

Nope, i've had images sent to me just fine. Its happening during texts. They all have different carriers.  One person in the group even has TMobile and I won't get their message from the group.

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Can you try switching the phone over to Safe mode the test the messaging to see if they come through?

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Hi again.

Please give Safe mode a shot and let us know of the messages are working. Thank you.